Top Baby Essentials

It’s time to chat a little bit about Baby Essentials!

What some parents consider “Essential” may not be the same as others, so I’m not here to say this list is the only must-haves, but as a mother of four I’ve bought maaaany baby items over the last 9 years. So I’m here to share with you some of my favourites that I consider Baby Essentials, and where you can get them.

1. Beluga Baby Wrap

This has got to be one of my Top 2 most used items! When my oldest was a baby I went through two other brands of wraps before getting a Beluga Baby. The fabric of this wrap is so light-weight, stretchy, breathable for baby and most importantly, comfortable for the wearer. It is MAGIC! Definitely a newborn essential item. It has never taken more than 10 minutes for my baby to become calm and fall asleep in one of these wraps. What’s even more convenient is that the wonderful owner of the company, Haley, has made numerous tutorials on how to use the wrap so you’re not left wondering if you’re doing it correctly. They also have some of the cutest prints and solid colour options.

Order your wrap HERE

Baby-wearing with a baby essential item
My daughter wearing my youngest in the Beluga Baby wrap.
Photo Credit: Dani Buckle
Snuggle Me Organic Lounger
Snuggle Me Infant Lounger

2. Snuggle Me Organic

I wish I had bought a Snuggle Me with my first three kids. It is such a versatile and convenient Baby Essential! The padded sides hug your baby making them feel safe and comfortable when not in your arms. You can throw it in the crib for them to nap in, or take it with you anywhere when baby needs to take a nap away from home. The loungers themselves come in different colours and sizes (there’s a toddler size too!) and you can also purchase different colour covers that can easily be removed and washed. I love this for my youngest and always bring it with me for Newborn sessions for some solo shots of baby.

Shop for a Snuggle Me HERE

3. Só Luxury – Coco Oat Soak

Have you tried any of the Só Luxury products yet? Because if you haven’t you are seriously missing out. The Coco Oat Milk Bath is their original product from when the company first began. It’s a gentle soap alternative that has some pretty impressive healing properties for dry skin, eczema and other skin issues. It smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling so soft. Just add a few tablespoons to your bath and that’s it! Another one of my favourite items they make is their Sitz Bath tea – great for Postpartum!


Só Luxury Coco Oat Milk Bath
Só Luxury Coco Oat Milk Bath
Hands Free Portable Breast Pump
BellaBaby Hands-Free Breast Pump

4. BellaBaby Hands-Free Pump

Over the past 9 years I have owned an electric pump and a manual pump. As a Doula and breastfeeding mom, with my fourth baby I decided I needed a pump that was more convenient. I came across the BellaBaby hand-free pump on Amazon and decided to give it a try. I’ve been able to conveniently pump in the car as well as discreetly while supporting Doula clients at births! It’s comfortable, had few parts so is easy to clean, and comes with a little bag and cord for charging.

Find it HERE

5. HydraSense Nasal Aspirator

Have you ever tried to use one of those plastic bulb nasal aspirators on a baby? For starters, the baby more than likely isn’t laying there calmly while you try to suck the snot from their nose. Secondly.. they just aren’t very effective. Also, how in the world do you properly clean all the snot out?! The HydraSense aspirator solves ALL those problems. The filter acts as a screen preventing you from sucking in baby boogers and since you create the suction needed, you can do it quickly and be done. The pieces come apart to easily clean and sterilize. The starter kit even comes with saline, if needed. This is truly the BEST nasal aspirator for babies.

Buy yours HERE

HydraSense Nasal Aspirator for baby
HydraSense Nasal Aspirator for Babies

Other Favourite items

Aside from those Baby Essentials, there are two other things I got with my last baby that I love and highly recommend!

Gems and Juniper – Milk Jewellery

Since this was my last baby I really wanted to remember my breastfeeding journey by getting a milk jewellery piece made. I chose a 14k Gold Filled bracelet from Gems & Juniper. It’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery aside from my wedding ring. The owner Tiffany creates these beautiful personalized pieces by turning your own breastmilk into powder, then hardens it into a stone and sets it into whatever piece you choose (bracelet, necklace, ring). Check out her website! She also makes other special pieces such as Memorial Ash jewellery.


14k Gold filled Mother's Milk Jewellery
14k Gold Filled Breastmilk Bracelet by Gems and Juniper
Custom wood name sign by Honey Grove Creations
Custom Name Sign by Honey Grove Creations

Honey Grove Creations

Brainstorming and decorating a nursery this time around was so much fun. It was the first time we had space for baby to have their own room in a home that was ours. After getting everything set up and ready for his arrival I knew the one thing that was missing was a custom wood name sign. Although we didn’t get it until recently, working with the owner in designing this custom sign was super easy! She was easy to communicate with and sent proofs of the design prior to making it so we knew exactly what we were getting. It was also nice that her turnaround time was very reasonable for a large custom piece.

Check out the Etsy shop HERE

February 27, 2023