All mothers need to feel supported when bringing life into the world. A Doula can offer support to both mothers and their spouse while they navigate through Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and early Parenthood.

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Every woman has strength, greater than even she knows. It is during childbirth that we discover our strength both mentally and physically; we see what our bodies are truly capable of.
There is great value in having a support system when bringing life into the world.

I am so proud to be welcomed as part of your Birth Support team. I am passionate about natural birthing methods, but will support any choices made by my clients. As a Birth Doula my goal is to provide you with the necessary resources to feel confident in advocating for yourself and making informed decisions regarding care for you and your baby. You won't regret finding a Doula to provide you with extra support and knowledge throughout your birthing experience. I want to create a safe space for you, provide evidence-based information, and support whatever desired birth outcome you hope to achieve!

So are you ready to secure me as the best Birth Doula you've ever had?? Or maybe you still have some questions regarding what Doula services entail. If Doula Support is something you'd like to know more about, send me an email  so we can meet and chat more about how I can help you have a birthing experience you'll never forget. 

Hey there! I'm Aysia Braaksma and I'm a Labour & Birth Doula. Since the Spring of 2020 I've been supporting families through their planned Hospital, and Homebirths.
You may think that Doula support is only for first-time parents. Wrong! If you've previously gone through Labour & Birth, would you describe it as being a calm and empowering experience? As a mother myself,  I've been where you are. No two labours/births are the same. I've had my "easy" pregnancy and I've had my struggles through stressful ones. With every pregnancy, the one thing you won't regret is someone that can provide you with continuous support. This is why you need a Doula. 

*Approved for the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program*

What is a Doula?

As your Doula I will provide you with information about Labour & Birth, provide you with the confidence to make informed choices, and give you continuous support until a week after you've had your baby. The job of a Doula is to support both the mother and her family in welcoming baby 

Earth-side. I want to understand your desires for your birth. My job as a Doula is to help you achieve a safe and calm environment to bring your baby into; to make you feel in control and strong during your birth.

I'm located in the Agassiz/Chilliwack area but service the entire Fraser Valley (Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and Maple Ridge) for both Hospital and Homebirths.

*Doula Services starting at $700*

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