This is how it works... 

1. Choose your package - how many meals do you want?
2. Add any snack selections.
3. I will give you a list of groceries for your meals/snacks.
4. Place an online grocery order for the ingredients.
5. I will pickup the grocery order & make your meals.
6. I will hand deliver your meals to you within 2 weeks!

4 Meals - $55.00

7 Meals - $90.00

10 Meals - $130.00

14 Meals - $180.00

*Snack selections can be added for $10 each*
**$5 packaging fee may be added**

Being pregnant and/or newly Postpartum can be tough! I mean, obviously... you're about to go through a HUGE life change.
There are so many changes happening both mentally and physically. Maybe it's you first child? Or perhaps you already have other children at home. Maybe pregnancy has been draining for you, or you need a little extra help while adjusting to parenthood in that newly postpartum period. Regardless of what stage you're in it's so important that YOU are still taken care of, and that's where I want to provide additional services to help! 

One of the best things my family and friends provided me with after the birth of my fourth child was a Meal Train. I had also been smart in realizing at the end of my pregnancy that making dinners postpartum were going to feel like a chore, and I wanted to make sure myself and my family were fed nutritious meals. So in my last trimester I had one of my sisters come over and help me prep Freezer Meals. Between the Meal Train and the Freezer Meals we made, I didn't have to buy dinner groceries or even think about what to make for the first 4 weeks Postpartum. It was amazing.

I have created a list of Meals that you can choose from. They include:
11 Breakfast options
26 Dinner options
5 Snack options

So let's talk about this Freezer Meal Prep service!

Meal Prep

It's that simple!

I have VEGAN options!

*Each meal is minimum 4-5 servings unless stated otherwise on the Meal list 

I'm sure you're now wondering what it'll cost to make your life easier?

*Food Handler Certified*